Give your residence a new look!

  • Protect your family from the scorching sun
  • Save money on cooling costs
  • Extend your living space
There are endless possibilities for enhancing your home with awnings or canopies, over windows to enhance your architecture, off the patio creating an “outdoor living area,” even above the doorway for rain protection.

Off the Patio

Bring the indoors out with awnings off a patio or freestanding, giving you a relaxing extension of living area for you and your guests. You'll enjoy a comfortable ex scape during the sweltering heat. Awnings keep your space cool while giving you more room to sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of outdoor living.

Over the Doorway

An awning above the door can give your home the charm and uniqueness it deserves. Add a splash of color and style to your home while serving your sun and rain needs.

Over the Window

Dramatically reduces the heat gain into the house. Providing shade during peak electricity hours directly reduces the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions by lowering air conditioning needs. Your interior is not just protected by the heat, awnings also protect furniture, flooring and other valuables from harmful rays.