Patio Accessories

Retractable Patio Awnings - Options

  • Standard motor
    • Extend or retract awning to any position at the touch of a button on your remote. Includes plug in outdoor system. Requires no electrician.
  • Manual override
    • Allows for manual operation at all times, even in the event of a power failure. Cannot be added after initial purchase.
  • Weatherguard cover
    • Protects fabric when the awning is retracted from rain, snow, and sun. Not required when using the motor option.
  • Wind sensor
    • The wind sensor activates the motorized awning retracting the awning completely when wind gusts occur.
  • Wind and sun sensor
    • Heavy-duty motor required. This sensor activates the motor to extend your awning at sunrise and retracts it at sunset automatically.
  • Roof mount kit
    • Provides all the necessary brackets for roof-mounted installation when wall space requirements cannot be met.
Hoods include standard brackets at no extra charge. Awnings include standard wall mount brackets at no extra charge.

How many specialty brackets do I need? For ceiling and roof mount brackets, use this guide:

  • Width: 10' - 15' - Bracket: 3
  • Width: 15' - 20' - Bracket: 4
  • Width: 21' - 25' - Bracket: 5